About Us

Indal , an important company set up in 1950 in the Brescia area, has increased its level of complexity and know-how over the years, to respond to the need to manage an increasingly complex, structured business. Without neglecting having obtained important economies of scale through up and downstream integration processes.


At an operational level the structure is as follows:

  • Indal Srl: the heart and historical nucleus, which handles all the chain stages from cattle breeding to processing the meat.
    Aimed at ongoing integration and specialisation, the following areas report to it:

    • Biogas and photovoltaic energy production plant
    • Salting and hide storage site
    • Representation location
  • Indal France Sarl: company operating in France, set up in 2008 to respond to the growing need to have livestock with the qualitative-quantitative characteristics needed to feed the production cycle.
  • Agricola Vittorio Società Agricola Arl: operating in the cattle breeding and crop-growing sectors.
  • Indal Trasporti: specialised in third party transport of livestock, meat and feed. Newly incorporated group company aiming to become a point of reference in the transport sector.