The passion and love for horses is what has been characterizing and distinguishing the Legati family since the early 1900s, and its stables still host the best horses while a professional driver is available on site.

The passion for horses has distant origins in the Legati family, begun by the great-grandfather up until today with René Legati and his achievements.

Grandfather Vittorio (born in 1929) started by creating the first stable, which, over time, was enriched by many specimens to which he became attached. So much so, that he didn’t ever want to sell them.

The sons, Rainiero and Renato, continued the family tradition, albeit with different roles.

Renato already showed a great love for horses from childhood, even bringing his pony to school, tying it off at the exit. It is he who, as a gentleman owner, reached his first important results, thanks to the collaboration with his coach, Paolo Leoni. Now, the competitive activity has shrunk due to many work commitments, but the passion lives on.

His brother,Raniero, despite having never raced, is a genealogy expert who his family has relied on for over 10 years for the selection and purchase of the best horses.

We came then to the generational change with René Legates, born in 1988, who always breathed the air of the competition.

René enrolled in the student driver’s course in the year 2006/7, passed the test, then conducted training at the Leoni of Padua Stables, where he transferred to for a few months, and in 2009, he got the license to run as a student at racecourses throughout Italy.

He didn’t need much to become a professional: take the exam or achieve 20 wins and 60 placings.

With great commitment and important results, he reached the target with 20 wins and became a professional driver in August 2010.

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