Indal made significant investments in two management software products that guarantee excellent final product safety and utmost transparency in its production cycle.


Traceability, i.e. the process which identifies the product from start to finish of the supply chain, and re-traceability, i.e. the process that allows retracing the path of a food product back through a system that uses the information previously outlined, are the elements necessary to determine the safety of a product and the transparency of the production cycle.

That’s why Indal has made significant investments in two management software programmes, which, interacting with each other, provide all the necessary information:

  • Software for breeding: it manages the database of all live animals, including information and internal transportation.
  • Software for Production: ithandles all the information,from the phase of slaughtering to the marketing of individual products.

In this way, it generates a continuous stream of data, which can be summarized as follows:
Breeding <-> Single head <->Single casing <-> Single cutting <-> Customer.

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